Baby safety and games at the beach in summer

Baby safety and games at the beach in summer

Remember how fun it was to go to the beach in your childhood. Having a baby should not prevent you from going to the beach. On the contrary, it is possible for you to enjoy the beach. Here are some tips and suggestions that you should take advantage of the sun, sea and sand with your baby.

Beach Pleasure
Your baby will enjoy playing with the sand running through his fingers. So release him on the beach and allow him the freedom to explore the wetness and dryness of the sands with his touches.

Hello to the waves
Hold your baby and embrace the sea. Listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves together and inhale the smell of salt. If the water is not too cold, put your feet in the water to feel the sea.

Continue Game
Sit next to your baby and help him use the shovel when filling his bucket. Build a sand castle together and then let him destroy it. Sing rhymes together, lie down in the sand and watch the clouds.

Fun moments with sea ball
Get a sea ball in vivid colors and then roll it towards your baby. You can be sure that watching him try to embrace the ball will be very enjoyable!

Flowers and Animals
Walk to the nearest cliff and explain to him what you see. Let it touch the water and feel the algae on the rocks. Introduce him to the animals in the water and if your child is big enough, try to catch something in the water and after thoroughly examining, leave it in the water.

Sea shells
Walk along the beach and collect the stones and seashells you like and examine them with your child. So let your child feel the differences in touch and distinguish the changes in color and appearance. Separate them and let them keep them as a souvenir of the sunny days you spend together.

• Do not let sunscreen with at least 25+ protection factors apply to the entire body.
• Do not take out without a hat.
• Make sure to drink at regular intervals to prevent dehydration.
• Make sure that it is not sitting directly in the sunlight.
• Check if you are sweating even when sitting in the shade.
• Do not allow it to be near the sea / pool while you are away. Babies and children can drown even in very shallow waters, so you should be more careful.
• Anything he finds on the ground; stone, seashell, etc. Don't let him throw it in your mouth.

Compiled by: Ilgaz Kocaoglan