Is it necessary to pertussis vaccine for mothers after childbirth?

Is it necessary to pertussis vaccine for mothers after childbirth?

Every year 50 million people in the world are caught in whooping cough and 300 thousand of them are saving their lives. Whooping cough, a very contagious disease, is a serious disease for adults but especially for babies. KadıköyŞifa Ataşehir Hospital Neonatal Specialist Dr. View ilknur's Full Profile He answered the most important questions about whooping cough and explained why mothers were given a whooping cough vaccine.

What is Whooping Cough?

At Bordatella pertussis ”is a very contagious disease transmitted by the bacteria caused by the bacterium called“ Bordatella pertussis.. According to World Health Organization data, 50 million cases of pertussis are seen in the world every year and 300 thousand of them die. Whooping cough is a disease that can be seen at any age but can be fatal in infants. It can cause many persistent health problems, especially pertussis which is a very serious disease for infants. Whooping cough begins with symptoms similar to the common cold, and then suffocates and has severe and rapid coughing attacks. Infants and young children with this disease can bruise and vomit during seizures and even die by drowning. Adults with a mild pertussis develop resistant cough, similar to other respiratory infections. According to the researches, 20% of coughs lasting more than 2 weeks are caused by whooping cough.

How does pertussis spread?

Whooping cough is transmitted to babies by 75 percent from its immediate surroundings. Infection; 40% of the parents, 15% of the father, 20% of the siblings are between 4 - 19 years.
Half of women of childbearing age have been shown to have no antibody titer to protect the baby until the first dose of pertussis vaccine.

Does the whooping cough vaccine lose its effect?

Immune to pertussis decreases after an average of 10 years after vaccination. For this reason, adults can catch pertussis and infect newborn infants. Since the first whooping cough vaccine is given at the end of the 2nd month in newborns, the baby who has taken the germ before this is at risk.

What is Cocoon Strategy?

Yaklaşım It is the approach that envisions vaccination of parents, siblings, carers and health workers who have contact with the baby to protect babies ”. The available data show that the Tdap vaccine (Pertussis vaccine) is safe in all populations (including pregnant women).
In our hospital, a cocoon strategy is applied to protect babies from pertussis infection after birth and mothers are vaccinated against pertussis after the baby is born.

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