Best Christmas stocking stuffers for 2019

Best Christmas stocking stuffers for 2019

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  • Christmas stockings are such a fun tradition. Whether you're going for practical, whimsical, or simple fun surprises, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer gift idea list for you. Here are my picks for the best stocking stuffers for 2019:

  • Spot It!

    Whether you're 2 or 22, this is a fun game, and it helps keep kids' eyes and brains sharp. Best of all, you can easily stash it in your purse and play on the go.

    Spot It!

  • Blume Doll

    Blume dolls are a big hit this season, so buy your stash early. You just add water and your Blume doll grows before your eyes. This is a surprise toy, so your child won't know which of the 22 dolls they will get. So fun!

    Skyrocket Blume Doll

  • Fart Ninja

    Yes, there is now a toy called the Fart Ninja, and it's amazing. This 3.5-inch toy is motion-activated. Walk by it, and it will make one of ten realistic fart sounds. This is a sure bet for cracking up the fart lover in your home. Collect them all for an amusing, "fart-filled" home.

    Fart Ninja Stink Foo

  • L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Globe Doll Winter Disco Series

    The obsession with L.O.L. dolls continues, and with so many different types, your kids will never get tired of them. The holiday themes are so adorable. There's one in a Santa-inspired dress, and another holding a present. My personal favorite is the boy in the "Nutcracker"-inspired outfit. We love them all! These are also surprise toys, so you won't know which doll you have until you open the globe.

    Glitter Globe Doll Winter Disco Series with Glitter Hair

  • Wet Brush

    Your kids will love having their own hairbrush. Wet brushes are gentle and don't hurt your scalp like others can. They come in many colors and designs, too. This is a great example of a useful gift your child will love.

    Wet Brush Original Detangler Hairbrush

  • Bac-Pac Buddies Hand Sanitizer

    Schoolkids will appreciate having their very own incognito hand sanitizer keychain on their backpack. I love all the the fun designs, and the fact that these are practical gifts.

    MARVEL Bac-Pac Buddies Hand Sanitizer

  • Unicorn School Supply Kit

    Have you ever met a kid who doesn't love school supplies? Me neither! These kits are especially useful, and also whimsical and fun. They even include a mini supply kit – a surprise within a surprise! We love these kits for long car rides or flights.

    Unicorn School Supply Kit

  • Katamino Pocket

    Imagine a physical Tetris puzzle, and you've discovered Katamino. This toy can amuse your child while developing their problem-solving skills. I'll admit I've stolen this from my kids a time or two to play it myself.

    Katamino Pocket - Travel size

  • Corolle Elf Happy Panda Toy Baby Doll

    These are the best and only dolls your children will ever need. They are the perfect size for snuggling, and smell lovely too.

    Corolle mon doudou Elf Toy Baby Doll

  • Play-Doh Cosmonium Galaxy Putty

    Play-Doh putty is stretchy but not gooey, and pliable but not necessarily soft. It's a great putty to keep little hands occupied when you need them to be.

    Play-Doh Cosmonium Galaxy Putty

  • Num Noms Mystery Makeup

    These mystery Num Noms contain scented nail polish, and body shimmer, lotion, or spray. They come in cute plastic bottles and are fun to play with ­– under adult supervision, of course.

    Num Noms Mystery Makeup with Hidden Cosmetics

  • Faber-Castell Do Art Coloring with Clay

    It's great to expose kids to different art mediums. Doesn't this kit look so fun? You color four jungle scenes with clay. Note that this gift will only fit in a larger stocking.

    Faber-Castell Modeling Clay Art for Kids

  • RBUK Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

    These rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty stuffed animals are sure to delight. Not only are there rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty toys with bushy tails, but also power figures and kitty can surprise packs. Collect them all!

    Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Fabulous Huggable Plush Toy

  • WikkiStix for Doodlers

    These are perfect for occupying restless little hands. These sticky sticks (they're made of wax and yarn) allow endless hours of creative play. Kids can mold and sculpt them into all sorts of shapes – numbers, letters, 3-D designs, etc. Plus, they're reusable and easily fit into Mom's purse.

    WikkiStix for Doodlers

  • Frozen 2 Snow Globe Surprise Dolls

    These snow globes continue the surprise toy trend, and have cute "Frozen 2"-themed surprises inside.

    Frozen 2 Snow Globe Suprise Dolls

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