How Much Should Beta Hcg Value Be During Ectopic Pregnancy?

How Much Should Beta Hcg Value Be During Ectopic Pregnancy?

Every couple who wants to have a baby has a problem free pregnancy. However, couples expect to be late for childbearing and become pregnant at or near the age of 40, genetic factors or air pollution and nutrition in unhealthy conditions Due to environmental factors such as having a problem-free pregnancy is becoming more and more difficult.

Ectopic pregnancy is one of these problems that annoys couples and early diagnosis is vital. In order to detect the problem as soon as possible and make a definite diagnosis beta Hcg values ​​in ectopic pregnancy It is important to learn about the answers to the questions of how they should be and how the graph of change in these values ​​should show momentum.

What Does Beta Hcg Value Mean in Ectopic Pregnancy?

Pregnancy; mature egg cell with the sperm in the egg channel to come together, that is, fertilization begins with the event.

Fertilized egg called zygote, serial mitosis grows and develops through divisions and forms the embryo. As the embryo grows rapidly, cells begin to form around it.

These cells are the basic structures that form the placenta in which the baby will be kept until the birth. Special cells that will form the placenta proliferate, while at the same time Human Chorionic Gonadotropin It starts to secrete the hormone called Beta Hcg.

This special hormone, which is produced in the placenta and mixed with the blood, expresses whether the pregnancy occurs with its presence in the blood, and with the amount of increase, it gives information about whether that pregnancy occurs in a normal process or in the form of ectopic pregnancy. Women Beta Hcg value of ectopic pregnancy It can be noticed in a short time.

In the blood of non-pregnant women Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone minimum 0 mlU / ml, the maximum is 10 mlU / ml This secretion, which is produced rapidly with the realization of pregnancy, the formation of the embryo and the formation of the placenta structure, can only be achieved by fertilization. 10-11 days after the level can be detected in the blood Reach.

If the pregnancy continues in the normal course, the end of the first trimester, approximately 8-12. every week 48-72 hours of hormone value detected in the blood 2-fold increase Show must.

If this hormone is found in blood tests, but the amount does not increase at the desired level in the next measurement, the condition will be associated with ectopic pregnancy and the process will be closely monitored.

For this reason, if the pregnancy tests performed at home are positive, a health institution should be visited immediately, and all the detailed follow-up tests, especially the blood test, should be performed and followed.

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What Should Beta Hcg Values ​​Be During Ectopic Pregnancy?

If pregnancy has occurred and the embryo is clinging to the uterine wall in a healthy way, the placenta will develop healthy and will produce Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin regularly.

If the pregnancy has been ectopically, that is, the placenta cannot achieve a healthy growth, the Beta Hcg values ​​will not increase at the desired level if the baby is held anywhere outside the uterus.

In an ideal pregnancy, the first measured HCG Doubled after 48-72 hours and continued to increase until the end of the first trimester Expected.

Decrease in value after 12 weeks and until the end of pregnancy 3640-117,000 mlU / ml are expected to remain in the range. The desired values ​​during a normal pregnancy are as follows.

  • 3 weeks: 5-50 mlU / ml
  • 4 weeks: 5-426 mlU / ml
  • 5 weeks: 18-7.340 mlU / ml
  • 6 weeks: 1,080-56,500 mlU / ml
  • 7-8 weeks: 7.650-229.000 mlU / ml
  • 9-12 weeks: 25,700-288,000 mlU / ml
  • 13-16 weeks: 13,300-254,000 mlU / ml
  • 17-24 weeks: 4060-165.400 mlU / ml
  • 25-40 weeks: 3.640-117.000 mlU / ml

However, Beta Hcg values ​​in ectopic pregnancy are below these ranges and show a slowly rising increase. Sometimes this hormone value is seen in the blood, but does not increase can be a sign of miscarriage.

Are Blood Values ​​Sufficient for Diagnosis in Ectopic Pregnancy?

If home pregnancy tests show double lines, pregnancy is most likely present. However, for a healthy continuation of the process, a blood test should be performed immediately after this test and all values ​​should be checked at regular intervals.

Because blood values ​​in ectopic pregnancy is an important marker that gives early warning about the problem.

  • Beta HCG in ectopic pregnancy is higher than that of a non-pregnant woman, but cannot reach the desired level for pregnancy. For this reason, tests are carried out frequently and the values ​​are followed. However, although blood test is an important marker, it is not sufficient for diagnosis alone. With the presence of a slow increase in HCG ultrasound examination, or even laparoscopy if necessary It should be done.
  • In the ultrasound examination, the woman's uterus is examined in detail. Tests say that if there is no pouch in the uterus even though it says that it is pregnant, it is examined whether there is a pouch in the abdomen near the uterus, especially the egg channel. If detailed data cannot be obtained by ultrasound, the doctor may wish to try the laparoscopy method.
  • When laparoscopy is under general anesthesia, a thin imaging device is sent from the navel to the abdomen. ectopic pregnancy, If available, it allows a detailed scan of where the embryo is attached. As a result of this examination, a definitive diagnosis is made and the necessary treatment is started as soon as possible.

The continuation of pregnancy is possible by secreting the hormone progesterone, also known as the pregnancy hormone.

Progesterone hormone production is triggered by Beta Hcg and should increase with a certain acceleration as long as the pregnancy continues in its normal course.

Date of ovulation 24 days or 38 days after the last menstrual period Beta Hcg value in the blood is high, but there is no pouch in the uterus during ultrasound examination possibility of ectopic pregnancy is very high.

Therefore Beta Hcg values ​​in ectopic pregnancy should be followed closely and necessary precautions should be taken as soon as possible in case of problems.

Otherwise, being late and developing the embryo in a place other than the uterus can damage the organs of the reproductive system, and may even endanger women.

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