Sleep positions during pregnancy

Sleep positions during pregnancy

falling asleep is very difficult and this situation annoys the expectant mother.
There are many reasons for falling asleep, but the first reason is that the baby
can be attributed to the growth. Baby growing with uterus, comfortable sleep
position. On the other hand, as body mass increases, sleep
changing your shape is also a nuisance. This situation, as the mother's productive
prevents sleep. However, some
changes also interrupt the sleep or change the sleep pattern, the mother
causes sleep problems.

Mothers who try a kind of position for the left to the left is more recommended.
This is because the largest balls on the right side of the body slightly from the middle of the vein.
It is published. If they are placed on the right side, these balls can
It makes. This reduces the amount of blood returned to the heart and the amount of blood to the baby
It decreases. In addition, when lying on the right side, the blood returning to the heart is reduced
swellings in the body may increase. On the other hand, when left sideways,
the blood leading to the placenta increases and, consequently, more oxygen and
reaches the nutrient. When you lie on your left side
edema in the body for increased circulation
also decreases.

Left side
if you want to be more comfortable when you lie down, your legs towards your belly
You can shoot. If you put a big pillow behind you in this position
you will be comfortable and prevent turning to the right side during sleep.

The first three
your hospitalization position is not important. As long as you don't lie face down.
position is convenient. Because in these months the uterus is small and light. So in this position the uterus and the baby
It can undergo.

Why sleep position during pregnancy
It is important?

your pregnancy
especially in the last months should stay away from lying on your back. because this
position, the uterus with all the weight of large blood vessels, back muscles and
applies pressure to your spine. As a result, low back pain and hemorrhoids occur.
It may come. You may experience a decrease in blood pressure when you lie on your back. This is also some
cause mothers to experience problems such as dizziness and fatigue.

you should stay away from sleeping medicines even if you have excessive sleep problems.
Doing something wrong without consulting your doctor will harm your baby.

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