Postpartum period for new mothers

Postpartum period for new mothers

After the birth, the mother's 6-week period of puerperium
It called. Physiological and psychological effects of pregnancy
changes return to the previous state before becoming pregnant. Each of the mother's body
it takes different times for the organ and system to return to its original state. During the postpartum period
the mother should take good care of herself. Puerperium after pregnancy
Diseases occurring during the period are vital.

After pregnancy

-Used pads absorbent, soft, clean, colorless and odorless
should be.

- Cotton underwear should be preferred.

- If the bleeding is more than normal, fever or
If there is a foul odor in the discharge, you should consult your doctor.

- Swelling of the people who have cesarean births,
If you have a redness and discharge, you should also consult your doctor.

-Mothers who give birth normally, standing and if possible every day
should take a warm shower.

Excretory system

- Urine within the first 6 hours after delivery
It should be done. Sewing should not be postponed because it will hurt.


- All kinds of food should be consumed and skipped meals
It must be fed.

- Away from bakery, oily, sugary and fried foods
It should be considered.

- No harmful substances such as cigarettes or alcohol should be used.
Caffeinated drinks should not be consumed. Extreme spicy, sour, spicy and gas
constructive foods should be avoided.

Rest and sleep

it is normal for the mother to be tired and have pains. But care of the baby
can not rest enough.

- Mother sleep enough because of breastfeeding baby at night
can not afford. Therefore, he should rest and sleep for at least 2 hours a day.

-In the post-natal period, maternal severe
should avoid doing business. He should rest on his back.

Weight loss and old

- Immediately after birth, the expectant mother will return
is not a situation to occur. This should be patient.

-Body weight becomes old after 6 weeks of delivery
will start spinning.

- Bandage for drooping and enlarged abdomen after birth
or using a corset is not the right method. Recovery of your abdomen
regular walking and abdominal exercises should be done.

- Minimum 3 times a week with 20-30 minutes of exercise
It should be done.

Postpartum sexual

- During the postpartum period, ie 6 weeks after birth,
sexual intercourse should not be entered.

-In the first relationship, the pregnancy rate is high.

- In less than 2 years for the health of the mother and the baby
Staying pregnant will be inconvenient.