No more nasal congestion in children!

No more nasal congestion in children!

An effective and safe approach to removing your baby's nasal congestion…

Nasal congestion can cause important health problems in infants, as well as impair the quality of life of the whole family. In order to prevent this problem, Novartis offers families a reliable way to eliminate nasal congestion with Otribebe.

Your baby does not have the ability to breathe by mouth and to clean the nasal canals until 6 months of age. For this reason, nasal congestion causes feeding, sleep problems and related developmental problems in infants aged 0-2 years; if not immediately removed, it may develop into more serious infections such as otitis media or sinusitis in advanced stages. All of this affects both you and your baby's quality of life.

Otribebe, acting with the vision of taking every care for the healthy development of babies and mobilizing all opportunities for them, developed an effective, safe, practical and hygienic method consisting of 2 steps to solve this problem. In the first step with Otribebe method, isotonic and sterile sea water to soften the mucous occlusion of the baby's nose is moistened with the help of Otribebe Monodose. This makes the nose suitable for gentle cleaning. In the second step, the Otribebe Nasal Aspirator specially designed for this method is used to gently remove the contents of the nose with the help of parents' soft breaths. In order to eliminate the risk of contamination, the tip that is in direct contact with the nasal secretion with the infection should not be reused and replaced with a replacement.

Otribebe Monodose

Otribebe Monodose contains isotonic and sterile 100% sea water, packaged in disposable plastic bottles (vials) for the sensitive nose of infants. Located under the protection of UNESCO and known for its rich submarine life Mont St. Otribebe Monodose, which is extracted from the depths of Michel Bay, is sterilized and the salt ratio is equal to the body salt ratio, because it is not diluted with pure water, it contains a high proportion of minerals and oligoelement. No chemicals or preservatives were used during all these processes. That's why Otribebe Monodose is different for all these reasons.

Otribebe Nasal Aspirator and spare tips

Otribebe Nasal Aspirator is a medical device developed for the cleaning of the nasal secretion that causes the obstruction of the nose with the help of controlled aspiration through the nose. The Otribebe Nasal Aspirator consists of a mouthpiece, a flexible silicone tube, a rigid body for holding the aspirator fixed, and a transparent anatomical tip with a sponge filter designed for the baby's nostril. The anatomical tips of the Otribebe Nasal Aspirator are disposable. By preventing re-use of the tip in direct contact with the mucus, an infection-secreting mucus, the risk of infection is also eliminated. Each of the disposable tips includes a sponge filter to prevent nasal secretion from passing through the device. Otribebe Nasal Aspirator is sold in a box with 3 disposable spare tips. Spare end boxes of 10 for future use are also available in pharmacies.